The Law Offices of

Lisa Andrew Dubs

Our Expertise

Please click on the links next to "Our Expertise"  to see specific descriptions of our areas of expertise.  In both Criminal and Civil Litigation, Ms. Dubs has significant experience working with experts in many differents areas.  Many of these experts have been recognized as some of the top experts in their fields.  Because Ms. Dubs believes that a team approach is important in the representation of a client, she frequently seeks the assistance of experts.  Some of the types of experts that Ms. Dubs has worked with in her cases are:


DNA or molecular scientists

arson experts

media experts

crime scene reconstructionists

blood splatter experts


forensic anthropologists

ballistic experts

forensic psychiatrists and psychologists

forensic accounting experts

truth verification experts

cadaver dog experts

false confession experts

eye-witness identification experts

forensic computer analysts

paint comparison analysts

fingerprint analysts